To contact me directly, you can write to me at

Everything is discussed beforehand and I will return your email as quickly as I can. We will talk about what you are looking for and when you need it by.

  • Cleaned Sketch - 20
  • Lineart/Flat Colors - 60
  • More Detailed/Full Color - 80

Art Cards available in packs of three for $10. These are the 2.5x3.5 or 3x4 inch cards I gave out during Blizzcon. These are physical cards that will be mailed to you so please provide your address when requesting.

For Twitch

Twitch Emotes - $10 per

  • Twitch emotes custom made for you. I try for same day delivery with the exception of late night ordering.

You will receive a rough sketch of your idea for any edits before continuing on.

For Board painting

Skateboard Art - $120

Hand-painted made to order skateboards used mainly as decoration.

The skateboards are purchased from a local skate shop blank then sanded down and painted with acrylics then seal coated. They are in no way treated to be used as actual skateboards.